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About Us

The clichéd proverb is true: necessity is the mother of invention. In today’s 21st century, digital world, there is a need for a one-stop portal for the entire Catholic community in India and around the world. This necessity has borne fruit in the form of Celebrate Catholics, a unique, one-of-its-kind web destination dedicated to the needs and requirements of Catholics.

Celebrate Catholics is not just another platform out there screaming for attention. We have helped thousands across the globe stay riveted through our inspirational stories and articles; marriages have culminated thanks to Celebrate Catholics; individuals have got access to user-friendly info with a simple click or rather “touch,” considering we are in era of smartphones; housewives have made their way into the hearts of their husbands by following our traditional recipes; and so much more.

Thus, we are an end-to-end destination for Catholics, be it vendors, advertisers, or just some common folk who wish to have some fun. After all, we offer a pleasurable and memorable experience to all our visitors through our easy-to-use interfaces and features.

As can be seen, we have something in store for every Catholic. Thanks to the trust and confidence bestowed on us by our patrons and partners, we can fulfill nearly all requirements of the Catholic community. You name it, and we have it, when it comes to all things “Catholic.” Thus, we have outperformed our rivals and competitors and left them way behind.

Now, let us see how we have reached the pinnacle of success.

Mission Statement

To unite Catholics from all over the world and build a strong community


We see ourselves going from strength to strength in the forthcoming years to be the most preferred destination for Catholics, while simultaneously increasing our social commitment of reaching out to the cause of mankind.

Aims & Objectives

  • To comprehend the needs and concerns of Catholics across the globe through in-depth research and analysis
  • To make the Catholic community a close-knit community, where individuals can voice their opinion and come to the help of others; for instance, blood donation
  • To enable ordinary citizens to become “reporters,” wherein the plights as well as successes of our fellow brethren are given unprecedented coverage
  • To notify people of the happenings within the community and the church at large, so that they remain up-to-date and make well-informed decisions
  • To offer a win-win situation to both advertisers and users, wherein both entities mutually benefit and prosper


In this age, where valuables are given preference to values, we beg to differ. For us, the four D’s (Dedication, Determination, Devotion, Discipline) are of utmost significance. These four D’s are the four pillars on which our organization stands. In addition, we give unrivalled attention to honesty; therefore, we follow completely transparent business policies. Thus, there is no question of compromising on our integrity. Finally, as compassion and forgiveness are integral to the Catholic faith, we try to incorporate them into our day-to-day business activities.

Why Us?

  • Exclusive hub for Catholics
  • Instant connect with community members
  • Transparent practices
  • Large target audience
  • Local classifieds site
  • Comprehensive info about vendors

As can be seen, Celebrate Catholics is a never-seen-before, unique hub, catering to the Catholic community tirelessly.

Therefore, hop onboard Celebrate Catholics, and live the true “Catholic” life.