5 Ways to Keep the Flame Burning in your Marriage

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5 Ways to Keep the Flame Burning in your Marriage

Whether you are a Goan, Mangalorean, East Indian or Anglo Indian, the marriage vows remain the same. The ultimate goal is also the same: keeping the romance alive.

At times, this can feel quite challenging because unforeseen events always stumble on our paths. All of a sudden, 3-4 years have gone by, and you begin to realize that you have made other things your priority instead of your spouse.

Though I lack the certification of a relationship expert, I have managed to stay happily married for over a decade now. Mentioned below are five things that I have learned to keep the flame burning in marriages.

(1) Make it a point to kiss your partner hello.

Almost everyone has seen the tag line, “kiss me goodnight,” engraved on posters, coffee cups, and books. Some go to the extent of embroidering these magical words on bed sheets and pillow covers. Yes, it is crucial to kiss the one you adore and love goodnight. That being said, after you step into your house after a long, tiresome day, the first thing you need to do is find your partner and kiss him or her hello. This can be a tad difficult if you have had a bad day or if you are not in a romantic mood at that hour, or maybe you are hungry, and dinner is all that is on your mind. No matter what the circumstance, you must say hello to your partner with a kiss.

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(2) Spend an evening together without electronics

I know this sounds impossible, but make it happen. The time that you spend reading some individual’s opinions about the latest episode of your beloved show on TV or chatting with your friends on your mobile phone is precious time that you could alternatively spend engaging in a meaningful dialogue or conversation with your husband or wife. This time can also be spent in the bedroom: just get rid of that phone.

(3) Take one another on surprise dates

Effectively planning a “date” after you have been together as husband and wife may feel like a chore. You must make it a point to repeat the phrase “date night,” failing which it will turn out to be just as any other dull, boring, routine night. Add spice to your date night by including “surprise” elements to it. This can be a fun away to shake things up a bit.

(4) Indulge in more sex

Excuses for not having sex such as headaches, being tired, etc. can crush the ego of both the husband and wife. Sometimes, you are in the mood for sex but your partner isn’t. It may take several weeks before both of you are on the same page once again. Make sure your sex life is healthy and gratifying.

(5) Never take your partner for granted

After a certain time period, marriages can get to a comfort level, which can actually be toxic to the relationship’s future. You may think you need not say, “I love you” as much. You may feel complimenting your life partner can get monotonous because you have done so on past occasions.

Do not procrastinate things for the future because tomorrow may be too late.