Why Is Football So Popular with Today’s Catholic Youth

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Why Is Football So Popular with Today’s Catholic Youth

Let Sunday arrive, and you will find scores of Catholic youngsters, both millennials and youth, eagerly waiting to kick that football on the church grounds after Sunday mass. Yes, football in India has come a long way. In fact, it is easier to spot a youngster wearing a Manchester United or Barcelona team jersey (I think the favourites are Ibrahimović and Messi, respectively). That being said, let us see why is football so popular with today’s Catholic youth.

1. Fast-paced Thrilling Game

Football is one of the very few fast-paced, thrilling, team games. In comparison, a cricket test match will stretch on to 5 days, and you may still not have a result. In stark contrast, football is an action-packed game that lasts for only 90 minutes. And if goes to penalty shootouts, the feverish excitement doubles up. All those who love to feel the adrenaline rush through their veins prefer football to other sports.

2. Ronaldo and Messi are considered Cool

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Every young Catholic football enthusiast considers Ronaldo and Messi as their idols and heroes because they are extraordinarily gifted and talented. Whether it is their dribbling skills, artful dodging, foot acceleration, or just solid power, Ronaldo and Messi are considered cooler than other sportsmen and sportswomen, be it national or international sports.

3. Inherited Passion from Portuguese-ruled Goa

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It is said that football was introduced in Brazil by the Portuguese. The same holds true for Goa, which is home to Dempo Sports Club. A whole generation of Goans share their passion for this awesome game because they have been directly influenced by the Portuguese. The next generation of today’s youngsters have taken inspiration from the prior generation to keep the passion burning. And there is no dearth of this passion.

4. Football is Getting Its Due Recognition

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With the introduction of the Indian Super League, football in India is finally getting due recognition. In addition, the number of sponsors are steadily rising for good. And with an increasing number of sponsors, the wages that footballers receive have increased manifold. Hence, an increasing number of Catholic youngsters are turning to football as a full-time career. Higher wages translate to stiffer competition, better quality, and more exhilarating football.

5. No Need for Complex Equipment

In comparison to cricket, football is a sport that requires least equipment or playing gear. The only things that footballers need are a good pair of football shoes, a jersey, pair of socks, and a shin guard. And we have seen youngsters who cannot afford original branded clothing and shoes make do with cheaper variants.

6. Works out the Entire Body

Football is one of those sports which works out the entire body. After all, the sport is a true test of skill and stamina. Footballers, on an average, cover anywhere between 6-8 km in distance if they play for 90 minutes. Obviously, this is not applicable to the goalkeeper. Besides building the muscles of the legs and thighs, footballers stand a better chance of developing 6-pack and 8-pack abs because they are running most of the time. Thus, there is no need for gym membership. Football creates great athletes, who are supremely fit.

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